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About us

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We are a small, local, family owned business having been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. 
Previous owners of Wasabi in Palm Springs, we have  incorporated the same ideas for Umami Seoul with the added touch of our authentic Korean cuisine.
Having 30+ years knowledge in the art of food, quality is our number one priority so that you will leave happy.
Many of our regulars have been with us since the beginning and we truly appreciate you for your unconditional support and kindness. We are so thankful for all the personal relationships we have developed with you.
We pride ourselves in knowing where our ingredients come from,
All of our stocks, sauces, marinades, and sides are homemade.
We only use premium cut meats.
All of our fish are delivered whole, precisely prepped, cleaned, and prepared in house. 
We do not use MSG, lard or processed foods.
All of our dishes are made with love, attention to detail, presentation, and taste.
This is what sets us apart from all the rest and we hope to see you soon!
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